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Editors' pick | HORMETA: Skin repair That truly Works for You

Its newly relocated flagship store on Spring Street in New York’s chic Soho neighborhood and a brand new store inside the Denver Airport are the only brick and mortar stores Hormeta has in the U.S. But despite that, the award winning skin care company has continued to create waves in the States, thanks in part to a loyal following of satisfied, skin-replenished clients.

Maurice Chaponnier–a scientist, herbalist and a nature lover, founded the Hormeta Swiss Laboratories in 1950. Using only the purest of active bases, all its products contain an exclusive blend of ionized materials and organic ingredients. The result of Hormeta’s vast history of pioneering research in cellular & DNA regeneration compels it to use active ingredients directly and naturally derived from the earth and the oceans, including organic plants, fruit and other botanical extracts as well as essential oils!

The Hormeta products are meant to compensate for age-related and/or hormone change-related skin deficits, in addition to epidermal damage caused by environmental exposure.

After more than 50 years of continuous work, Hormeta has taken a front-runner status in the skin care industry, outperforming other formidable and well-known brands.

According to Nancy Savitt, General Manager of the Soho flagship store, the main difference between Hormeta and most beauty and skin care products is that it focuses its research and effectiveness more on skin repair rather than anti-aging. “We don’t only prevent, we also treat the skin according to the damage that has already happened. So the ingredients are more specific like the most advanced peptides, ceramides, lipids, collagen...6 weeks of treatments we can notice a real improvement in the skin on a cellular level,” explains Savitt.

While they have several sets, the skincare specialist also recommends starting with one and incorporating it into your daily routine. All have Vitamins A, C and E as well as other trace elements like iron, zinc, magnesium, etc.

Because of the prestigious certification, SwissCos, the New York and Denver stores are the only ones allowed to sell Hormeta in the U.S. Hormeta also works exclusively with dermatologists and medical spas.


This set is the winner of the prestigious Marie-Claire Award “Victoire de la Beauté” Best Eye Treatment 2016 in France.

What’s What:

• The Eye Cream is for daily use.

• The Eye Focus Gel is for lines, wrinkles and the lid. Both

products have peptide that treats the lid, a rarity since most eye creams are too heavy for the lid.

• The Eye Rescue Mask is meant to address puffiness and dark

circles around the eyes.


For Men and Women Over 35

What’s What:

• The Ultimate Mask with Ceramides are for the

deeper lines on the forehead, around the mouth

and neck, to do as a deeper treatment once a week.

Amazing results seen 4-6 weeks into the treatment.

• The Ultimate Serum n.8 is for daily use.

• The Ultimate Cream with MPC has Milk Protein

and Ceramides to rebuild the dermis and lift the face

and neck. The day cream has a lighter texture.

• The Collagen Tri-Logic Cream, day or night.


For Women Between 45 and 60

This set treats specifically women who are noticing changes in their skin due to hormonal changes– more dryness, pimples, a face contour that’s becoming saggier...this treatment is formulated to help restore the hydration level of the skin as well as its elasticity. It’s called high-redefinition because it really lifts the contour of the face and the neck.

What’s What:

- The High-Redifinition Cream, day or night.

This innovative formula received the Victoire de

la Beauté in 2007 and keeps being improved

every year.

- The High-Redefinition Fluide, day or night.

Can be used as a light cream or a serum under

the cream


For women over 60.

Because the skin gets thinner with time and we don’t want to apply products that are too rich or heavy, this treatments provides the collagen and all the active ingredients to rebuild the elasticity of the skin and to bring back the glow. Notice a real improvement of the face and neck area.

What’s What:

• The Regeneration Gold Serum is formulated to smooth the deeper lines and the neck. This fantastic serum received the Prix de l’Innovation in France in 2012.

• The Regeneration Gold Cream is used as a moisturizer

• The Radiant Gold Mask is actually for all ages. This amazing mask got the Victoire de la Beauté in 2014.

For a limited time, Hormeta Soho is offering Classiques Modernes readers a free skin consultation, a mini facial and 20% off all in-store products plus a special gift. Please call the Soho flagship store or email Nancy Savitt at and mention Classiques Modernes.

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