• Loy Bernal Carlos

The Curious Art of Mystical Expressionism

On November 4th, Jamali Gallery in Soho, New York City hosted a reception entitled Jamali Pastel Retrospective, a showcase of works of the internationally renowned artist. It exhibited a wide variety that spans several bodies of work, including the most recent ones in cork, which the artist has been using as a medium to explore the vibrance of colors.

Other works, composed in multimedia, are a mix of telluric and empyrean impressions that derive its mystical nature not only from the abstractions itself, but also through the more pragmatic experimentations with light and shadows. Here, the varying reflectiveness of material and the angle of illumination play key roles in defining the concept of heaven and hell–or light and darkness–depending on the perceiver’s spiritual predisposition. At the very least, they are stellar in texture.