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  • Jason Garelick


The everyday routine is an easy one to fall into. The warm comfort of familiarity is both inviting and well mannered. Breaking away from the assembly line lifestyle is a favored and noble endeavor that is more often romanticized than actively sought after.

Deep in the morning drudgery when we’re all “feeling it,” the consequences of our weekend, they all come rushing back to us at once. All the worries that we put on hold the week before are right there waiting where we left them.

Ask an aging man what his biggest regret in life is and he’ll say exactly that–regret.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you’re in the thick of it... always thinking within the grid of calendars and appointments, constantly moving from one distraction to the next.

It may seem like we’re all just bodies going through the motions looking for something to prove. Despite all of us playing supporting roles in each other’s lives, we feel exponentially alone in a sea of overpopulation.

Where we choose to place our worries, never ceases to amaze.

But if you’re looking for answers, they won’t be easily found. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s on you to fill in the blanks and connect the dots yourself. It is written in between the hustle bustle of our lives. It is between cracks of the mundane where beauty can be found, revealing more than any collection of words ever could. Words would only just get in the way.

There’s a calm to every storm and a sun to follow every shower. A yin will always have its yang.

Trying to make sense of it all at once and completely is a fool’s errand, assuming that making sense is even possible. Because it is when a series of seemingly insignificant events fall into place, when vision occurs. Only in hindsight do we see the true nature of things. It is always easy to forget that one simple event cascades and transcends mere happenstance; to remember that to be is what you were searching for all along.

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