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When the mood of the day is walls and travel bans, it can be tough to talk about immigration. But that’s exactly why “Super Lawyer” Brad Bernstein is taking the issue to the biggest medium on the internet – Facebook Live.

Widely known as one half of the long-running “Brad and Squeeze Show,” the tri-state region’s No. 1 source for Caribbean news and entertainment at WVIP 93.5 FM, the seasoned immigration attorney is bringing his informed and often uproarious advice segment to an even bigger audience with a new social media push.

The Brad & Squeeze Show Facebook page has now officially launched and much-needed immigration advice is going live daily for foreign-born temporary workers, visa holders, permanent residents, immigrants, naturalized citizens and Americans with family abroad – or anyone who needs a lighthearted and accurate take on the maddeningly complex U.S. immigration system.

In addition to traditional call ins, Bernstein will now be taking questions from Facebook viewers looking to have their anxiety-ridden legal questions solved by a professional with New York City savoir faire. And, of course, Bernstein’s popular co-host David “Squeeze” Annakie, CEO and Founder of Linkup Media Group, is right there with highlights from the day’s news and his signature irreverent banter.

Since the soft launch last month, followers have poured in. Bernstein’s personal and professional pages are now liked by a total of more than 75,000 fans. David Annakie and his media group has another 250,000 followers.

Off air, Bernstein is president of the law offices of Spar & Bernstein, P.C. and is recognized by “Super Lawyers®” as one of New York’s top-rated immigration attorneys. He has already helped approximately 70,000 clients with every kind of immigration problem imaginable and now he hopes to reach even more with this exciting social media debut.


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