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New York Lifestyles Magazine Celebrates Cover Star Jean Shafiroff

Philantropist Jean Shafiroff celebrating her cover of New York Lifestyles Magazine September 2018 Issue
Philantropist Jean Shafiroff celebrating her cover of New York Lifestyles Magazine September 2018 Issue

New York Lifestyles Magazine hosted the cover party celebrating author, philanthropist and cover star Jean Shafiroff at her private residence in New York City. Participators of the charity scene, supporters and friends shared in the celebration of Jean Shafiroff who in the New York Lifestyles cover story discussed the importance of philanthropy and bringing awareness to women’s causes.

Notable attendees included: Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, former Good Day NY host Greg Kelly, Scott Stone, Ana Stone, Ann Rapp, Roy Kean, Steve Schutzer, Kathleen Giordano, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Dr. Penny Grant, Brad Shaheen, Alex Donner, Gina DeFranco, Victor dE Souza, Dawne Marie Grannum, Patricia Shiah, Craig Dix, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Ernest Schmatolla, Elena Ayot and Matt Rich.

Jean Shafiroff, accompanied by her husband Martin Shafiroff, embodied elegance as she welcomed New York City’s high society to her luxurious private residence. The cover star donned one of her beloved ball gowns, a black and white Victor dE Souza dress with floral pattern stitching that she paired with white leather gloves and statement earrings to complete the sophisticated look.

Enjoying champagne, invited guests celebrated Jean Shafiroff’s philanthropic acumen which has brought awareness and gracious contributions to the prestigious organizations and causes she supports.

For author Jean Shafiroff, the charitable act of giving, as conveyed in her book Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by What You Give, is an institution within our society where everyone has a seat at the table. Jean Shafiroff tells New York Lifestyles Magazine that regardless of status or net worth, “Philanthropy is not an exclusive club.” She insists that those with the time to volunteer or the ability to financially contribute to underserved populations should lead a life of charitable giving.

Jean Shafiroff has tasked herself with the responsibility to raise the profile of charitable causes by being actively involved as a volunteer fundraiser, public speaker, donor and leader. In the New York Lifestyles magazine cover story, Shafiroff recalls how she became involved with New York Women’s Foundation, through her network of friends, which has led to an abundance of successful benefit luncheons attended by New York City’s power players.

Jean Shafiroff has served on the board of the New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) since 2012 and has been a key supporter of the foundation’s efforts to bring awareness to women’s social issues, hosting annual luncheons, co-chairing the NYWF gala and making significant financial contributions over the years. NYWF Board Alumnus Jean Shafiroff has grown increasingly passionate about elevating women out of poverty and creating economic stability for all woman.

*All photo credits: Patrick McMullan

About Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff, philanthropist, activist, humanitarian, and author of Successful Philanthropy: How To Make A Life By What You Give, is at the vanguard of a new movement of modern philanthropists. Jean's philanthropy goes beyond financial contributions and includes the gifts of extensive time and knowledge. Through her work, she encourages and seeks to empower all individuals to become philanthropists so that they can build the fulfillment of giving into their lives.