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Host your Holiday Gatherings and Exclusive Events in the Private Rooms of Greenwich Steakhouse

Greenwich Steakhouse, at 62 Greenwich Avenue in New York City, welcomes diners and their guests for exclusive events, private gatherings and intimate celebrations at their three-story eatery. Those in attendance will enjoy the gourmet dining experience Owner Frank Gocaj and Executive Chef Victor H. Chavez have created inside of the uniquely designed private space and throughout. The upscale New York City restaurant has hosted celebrities including 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys, FIFA World Cup winner Xherdan Shaqiri and Golden Globe nominated actor Armie Hammer for their own private dining experience.

Greenwich Steakhouse’s statement design and furnishings give each room its distinctive character and luxurious appeal. The third-floor private room comfortably seats 35 guests along, your choice of, a banquet table or several round tables. Brightened by crystal chandeliers are velvet, ruby red seats make a bold statement. On either side of the room, walls are substituted with glass encased, floor-to-ceiling wine racks, adding a stunning sense of elegance and a powerful ambiance to each privately-held event.

Since opening in 2017, Greenwich Steakhouse has quickly become one of the leading steakhouse dining destinations in New York City. The youthful elegance of each space is a fresh perspective on what steakhouse dining looks like in the modern day. Foodies and diners will enjoy the masterfully articulated flavors in each dish that are artfully plated to be desired. The dry-aged steak options – USDA prime-dried in-house – have helped to assert the restaurant’s position in the steakhouse dining scene. Flavor-filled steaks envelope the room in a warm aroma of spices aiming to fulfill the diner’s appetite.

Leading up to the holidays, begin planning your intimate celebrations for family and friends at Greenwich Steakhouse. Executive Chef Victor H. Chavez will prepare a Traditional Turkey Special on Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 among signature menu selections, and an extensive bar menu to complement.

About Greenwich Steakhouse

The legendary Chef Victor Chavez along with owner, Frank Gocaj bring you a dining experience unlike the rest. Greenwich Steakhouse offers a uniquely upscale New York City steakhouse experience in an exquisitely designed three story West Village townhouse. In 2016, after an impressive 38-year long career with Smith & Wollensky, Victor Chavez retired. Less than a year into his retirement, Chavez couldn’t escape the dream of opening his own restaurant. Quickly changing gears when he saw the 62 Greenwich Avenue location, Chavez decided to make his comeback, but this time in a totally different intimate, downtown setting – something he had always wanted to achieve.

Greenwich Steakhouse, 62 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011


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