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The Messi Store by Leo Messi Celebrates the Launch of Their New Application


he Messi Store by Leo Messi is celebrating the launch of their new application, which reached downloads from over 50 countries in under two weeks. The app is available to download within the App Store or Google Play and will become the home to exclusive drops such as the newly released Messi Studio collection, collaborations and giveaways.

The Messi Store, which made its debut in September of 2019, has quickly taken the fashion industry by storm by creating premium clothing that replicates Leo's dedication and precision on the pitch, to wearable apparel. By launching the new application, The Messi Store intends to reach customers and fans through high-engagement content and limited released items.

The brand has many exciting announcements set for the start of 2021, all of which will be exclusively announced through the application. Most recently, the brand celebrated the release of their F/W 2020 collection, which featured SOLARball Technology, an innovative insulation technology that is an animal-friendly alternative to the many winter jackets made with duck down feathers. SOLARball material develops warmth in seconds under sunlight through vibration and collision of its special nano-chemicals. In addition and as mentioned, the brand released The Messi Studio, a capsule collection which features the brand's most bold, artsy, and exclusive creations, each dropping in very limited quantities.

"The launch of our application allows us the opportunity to introduce our design elements in a more intimate way," explained the brand's Creative Director and co-founder, Ginny Hilfiger. "When we started the Messi brand our intention was to create a digital footprint for Leo within the fashion industry. The launch of our application, allows us to increase our digital impact while maintaining a close and personal relationship with our consumers."

Each item of clothing released through the application is carefully constructed with premium fabrics, quality, stitching and design techniques to create a piece of clothing that is as technically advanced as Leo's style of play. The launch of the application allows the Messi brand to communicate each of these elements in a relatable way to Leo's fans worldwide.

About The Messi Store:

Welcome to The Messi Store, the exclusive source for the official premium lifestyle brand of soccer legend Leo Messi: The Messi Brand. Our chief brand goal is to extend the core of Leo's values, vision, and sportsmanship from the pitch to the apparel.

The Messi Brand is a direct reflection of the qualities Leo Messi demonstrates on and off the pitch: we specialize in creating innovative, premium lifestyle clothing with high quality and precision detail in every stitch. We strive for excellence, precision, and humility in everything we do. Learn more about the Messi Brand by visiting

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